Anorak News | David Cameron says Obama will look at the 2003 extradition treaty

David Cameron says Obama will look at the 2003 extradition treaty

by | 14th, March 2012

DAVID Cameron says Barack Obama will look at the 2003 extradition treaty that steamrolls British justice and has sent Christopher Tappin to a US prison. 

Says Cameron:

“I raised this issue with President Obama today and we had a good discussion. We will be following this up with further talks between our teams. We have carried out an independent review of the treaty which found that it was balanced but I recognise that there are concerns about how it is implemented in practice and that’s what our teams will look at.”

Teams. What a hateful word that has become. It defers all power to the group. It’s an enlargement on Tony Blair’s calls to “join the debate”. We all got invited to join the debate. And while we chatted Tony signed an extradition treaty that makes the UK America’s lickspittle and went there on a speaking tour.

Richard O’Dwyer, 23, who is being sent for trial in America on charges of internet piracy, and computer hacker Gary McKinnon are victims of this hideous treaty.

Here’s Dave eating and larking about for the team with Obama, a man keen to cement the abused Special Relationship in the run up to an election …


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Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron and his wife Samantha arrive at Andrews Airforce Base near Washington DC, USA ahead of their three day visit to the United States.


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