Anorak News | Insane student asks Justin Bieber to be his ‘wingman’

Insane student asks Justin Bieber to be his ‘wingman’

by | 15th, March 2012

CELEBRITIES like Justin Bieber tend to be quite busy. When they’e not working, they’re promoting. When they’re not promoting, they’re being chased by the press. When all that subsides, there’s the whole issue of franchises, merchandise, interviews and, of course, having sex with your adoring fans. Visiting family comes last, no doubt.

So then, what did the little berk who asked Justin Bieber to act as his wingman at his high school prom via YouTube expect?

Some dufus called Leon Purvis has asked the Baby singer to be his “bro”, noting that he doesn’t expect the pint-sized superstar to reply to his video invite as “he is a busy guy” but he’s hoping that, if he relentlessly tries, he’ll get Bieber to be his right-hand man.

Naturally, Leon isn’t being massively selfish in all this. He’s as altruistic as can be! Basically, all this is to enable Biebles to “take a break from his celebrity life”, adding: “Justin Bieber won’t ever have a normal prom, so why not attend prom with me? I am fun to be around.”

If JB accepts the offer, then they could “just chill together” and have “dance battles.”

Or, indeed, run off with ALL the girls of the prom and have unprotected sex with them and count the paternity suits that get thrown at him for the next 9 months while Leon sits alone, crying, in the decorated gymnasium.

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