Anorak News | Eric and Donald Trump Junior kill wild animals for fun – photos

Eric and Donald Trump Junior kill wild animals for fun – photos

by | 15th, March 2012

DONALD Trump’s children Donald Jr. and Eric went to Zimbabwe and killed a lot of animals: elephant, civet cat, big wild pig. Rumours suggest they went hunting for new sources of Trump hair.

Experts at Psychology Today opine:

Since the 1970″s, research has consistently reported childhood cruelty to animals as the first warning sign of later delinquency, violence, and criminal behavior. [sic]

The BBC notes:

People who participate in a system that treats animals cruelly, and that kills animals to provide trivial pleasures to human beings, are behaving selfishly, and not as a virtuous person would.

But rich Westerners paying big money to knock off a rare animal do provide the incentive and the cash to ensure that they did not die out. And Trumps must not die out. One day Donald Senior will be stuffed and mounted so that others can see what kind of weird creature existed and thrived in Manhattan. Donald Junior may be saved for posterity by being pickled in vinegar after being encouraged to mate with his sister Ivanka via a test tube to preserve the species. Eric will be taught to juggle and thereby prove useful to mankind and ensure that he survives…


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Picture 1 of 9

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