Anorak News | Croydon’s City status bid is beyond parody

Croydon’s City status bid is beyond parody

by | 15th, March 2012

TOUGH luck on Croydon do being not made a city at the sixth time of asking. The winning three bids were from Chelmsford in Essex, Perth in Perthshire and St Asaph in Denbighshire.

The Croydon application document featured London Mayor Boris Johnson saying:

“All of Britain, in a single town”

It gets better:

I’m not often temped to quote the French President, but when Sarkozy advocated Croydon as a blueprint for outer Paris, he was onto something. Croydon is a great example of a ‘city within a city’ – like Westminster and the City of London. Croydon has similarities with each of these – but also dramatic differences

It’s tempting to think that the city makers refuse Croydon just so they can tead syuch hilarious guff every year.

One boast is:

Our council tax revenue is the eighth largest in the UK


In the 19th century Croydon’s old central district became a thriving hub of mercantile and agricultural enterprise – a crucible of competing forces that drew in the best and worst of mankind before it was denounced as a ‘moral piggery’ and razed by an act of Parliament


Croydon has long been renowned for its strong community spirit and is in the top five London authorities for its levels of volunteering

Introduction by Councillor graham Bass – Mayor of Croydon

What are the qualities that make Croydon such a strong contender for City status?

Fast access to London…

What’s it like now?

Modern Croydon is alive with diversity and presents a number of different faces – many of which are a far cry from both its rich historical heritage

There follow a long list of peopels who have either “been born and raised here or have chosen to study or take up residence over the year“. Prisoners are not included. Sadly none of Adele, Captain Senisble, Carlton Cole or, well, anyone mentioned on the list adds their support to the bid.

Maybe next time…

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