Anorak News | Kony 2012 is now a vanity musical – Jason Russell’s dance video

Kony 2012 is now a vanity musical – Jason Russell’s dance video

by | 15th, March 2012

KONY 2012 is brought to you by the people of the Invisible Children Global Night Commute Musical. It’s a lot like Trey Parker’s Book of Mormon musical, writes Xeni Jardin, albeit sung in the style of a Jason Donovan impersonator doing Michael Jackson Aaron Stewart-Ahn is quoted:

Here’s where the money has been going to: Invisible Children founder Jason Russell’s vanity dance musical numbers which start off with exploitative footage of suffering children. How did no one else catch this? It makes the Kony 2012 video look subtle and sane. He’s basically using this to fund his desire to make ‘Glee’.

This is where the millions are being spent: vanity musicals. Did Trey Parker write this??!! Russell has mentioned repeatedly how his ambitions were to make musicals. I can’t recall where, but he intimated that he was going to make the musical popular again á la Glee, but this didn’t work out—so he ended up in advocacy. Maybe it was that chat at the evangelizing conference? That bit with the t-shirt with the African child on it is just… I’m speechless.

Are you reasy to rock?

Spotter: Charlie Brooker

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