Anorak News | Felix Baumgartner ready to jump from 120,000 feet (and live) – photos

Felix Baumgartner ready to jump from 120,000 feet (and live) – photos

by | 16th, March 2012

FELIX Baumgartner wants to create a new world record for the highest free-fall fall. And live. Yesterday, Baumgartner roseĀ 71,500ft (22km) above New Mexico in a capsule hanging from a balloon. He then jumped. Eight minutes and seconds later later, he landed.

Baumgartner fell at an estimated speed of 364mph.

In later 2012, Baumgartner will go higher. He will go 120,000ft up. And then he’ll jump. All being well, Baumgartner will smash theĀ 102,800ft record set by US Air Force Colonel Joe Kittinger in 1960. The trick is not freezing to death on the way down…



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30 year-old Austrian parachutist Felix Baumgartner prepares to jump from the arm of the giant Jesus statue above the Brazilian metropolis Rio de Janeiro, Wednesday, Dec. 1, 1999. Thereby he was the first man to deal with one of the greatest challenges in the extreme sport called BASE-Jumping. In BASE-Jumping, which is illegal in most countries, you jump from buildings, antennas, bridges und earth points like rocks and the parachute is only pulled open at the very last moment. (AP Photo/Wolfgang Luif)


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