Anorak News | Man fined for tying non-jogging cat to a rock

Man fined for tying non-jogging cat to a rock

by | 17th, March 2012

BECAUSE Golfing With Cats was already taken, we’ve started work on Gaming With Cats. Anything vaguely popular ‘With Cats’ is a surefire hit.

So. Seth Franco, of Lafayette, Colorado, began work on his project. But Jogging With Cats ran into trouble when the cat refused to jog.

Franco had gone to a park with his cat on leash and made to jog. But the cat was reluctant. So, Franco tied it to a rock for safe keeping.

Someone saw the cat. They called the police.

It look like Jogging With Cats will nto be ready for the Christmas market. Instead, we look forward to Doing Bird With Cats, Lounging About With Cats and Are Cats The New Dogs..?

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