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Prime Minister Ignorant of the Law On Booze Shocker

by | 15th, September 2014

THIS will come as a surprise to some and as a simple confirmation of reality to others. For it appears that our Prime Minister is simply ignorant of the constraints which the law puts around him.

The SWA, whose 56 members employ 35,000 people in Britain, argues that minimum unit pricing would be illegal under EU trade rules as it would amount to a domestic barrier to free trade.

In the letter, the trade organisation stresses that efforts in the past by other countries such as the Netherlands to introduce minimum pricing have been rebuffed by the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg.

This is all about that idea of having minimum pricing for alcohol. We who actually understand that much of our law is now made in Brussels, not London, have been pointing this out for years. All those people arguing for that minimum pricing are simply being ignorant as well as stupid.

Stupid because minimum pricing is the wrong way to achieve what they’re trying to achieve. Higher booze pries to reduce drinking….OK, you may or may not agree that we need to do this but higher booze prices would reduce boozing, a little bit anyway. But if you do it through minimum pricing then you’ve just increased the profits of the people who make booze. Better by far to increase the tax on booze instead, so that at least we can pay for a few nurses out of those higher prices. Min prices is just stupid.

They’re also ignorant. For EU law beats English (or Scottish) law and so we’re not actually allowed to have minimum pricing anyway.

So why in buggery are people, the Prime Minister included, adocating something that is both stupid and displays their ignorance?

Because they’re politicians, obviously. And doesn’t that make you happy about the fact that politicians spend 50% of all of the money in the country?


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