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The Great Chinese Green Energy Revolution

by | 1st, March 2013

IT would appear that our Far Eastern cousins are actually doing something sensible about this green energy and saving Gaia bit:

Business is also more promising. By 2020 Jiuquan plans to increase wind power generation sixfold to 40GW. Wu predicts even faster growth between 2020 and 2030, when solar power starts to take off: “That’s when the technology will have matured and the generating costs will be lower. By 2030, I think China will get half its energy from renewable resources and Jiuquan will be famous around the world. People here are going to be rich.”

Now whether you actually believe the global warming story or not this is indeed the sensible way to go about installing those solar panels. Instead of spunking hundreds of billions on installing the current, ineffective and inefficient, generation of products wait until they actually work and then install them.

After all, those promoters of solar cells keep telling us that they’re going to be cost competitive real soon now. And when they are then we’ll all quite naturally install them because they’ll be cheaper than other forms of ‘leccie.

So why is everyone insisting that we piss our money away now?


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