Anorak News | Is Jason Russell the victim of a voodoo curse?

Is Jason Russell the victim of a voodoo curse?

by | 20th, March 2012

IS Jason Russell, Kony 2012 videomaker and founder of Invisible Children, the victim of a voodoo curse? Russell was last seen in public masturbating in San Diego.

On TMZ views are shared:

The Real JJ:

“Konys people must have put some voodoo on the dude.”


”The First thing that came to mind with him acting like this is a Voodoo Curse this is exactly why his white ass should have stayed out of their business!”


“As an African, seeing this kind of behavior does not surprise me. There black magic in Africa everywhere. this guy has been possessed by the Kony camp and they making him go crazy. We Africans see people go crazy like this on the street in Africa everyday because their enemies have done black magic on them. I really pray for the guy to recover, but one thing for sure, is that the Long camp is definitely responsible for this. it may seem crazy what I’m saying because most people in this country don’t believe in black magic, but this is the cold truth and the mystery of Africa.”


“Kony had an aunt who was a Voodoo priestess. That’s where Kony learned it all. When I look at this video, I see nothing more than a man who has been thrown a curse by Kony and his supporters so that he can turn into a crazy person. The motive for any of the Kony folks to do this to him is apparent to all: For exposing Kony to the world and the only way they can make him pay for what he did is to shame him. I feel bad for the guy. Voodoo curse and voodoo killings kill more people in Africa than diseases. I will pray that this man regains his sanity.”


“What do you think Rhianna thinks…considering she brought this whole KONY 2012 to the masses…doesn’t her home of Barbados practice voodoo. Someone should ask her if she thinks it is at all possible Kony and his followers cursed him? The bible tells us this demonic /witchcraft stuff is totally real…whether you choose to believe it or not. Evil exists and some know how to get those demons on people. real stuff and damn scary, that is why you say you don’t believe in it…don’t want to go there.”

Such are the facts…

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