Anorak News | This Budget Day, let us remember, we must kill all the bureaucrats

This Budget Day, let us remember, we must kill all the bureaucrats

by | 21st, March 2012

OUR tale for the day comes from New York City, but the same basic principle applies. Budget Day is when the political class tell us how much of our money they’re going to take and how: the Autumn Statement is the description of how they’re going to piss it away.

And here is how the bureaucracy, the part that gargles in that golden shower of our money, actually operates:

Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s food police have struck again!

Outlawed are food donations to homeless shelters because the city can’t assess their salt, fat and fiber content, reports CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer.

Just depriving people like this of our money isn’t enough, is it? Indeed, merciful, painless death would not be sufficient: slow strangulation from the lamp posts is the very least we should organise.

As I say, this story is from New York City but if you don’t think that we have similar stupidities and outrages here then you’ve not been paying attention.

And today is the day that we’re all told how much we have to pay for these idiocies which makes it a very good day indeed to reflect on those very idiocies we are forced to pay for.


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