Anorak News | Fabrice Muamba: two deaths, Thierry Henry insults family and Bolton’s Wembley dream

Fabrice Muamba: two deaths, Thierry Henry insults family and Bolton’s Wembley dream

by | 22nd, March 2012

FABRICE Muamba: Anorak’s look at the Bolton Wanderers’ midfielder in the news: tabloid lies, and D. Venkatesh and Christina Goredema die:

On the Daily Star leads with news of Fabrice Muamba, it’s front-page headline declaring” Muamba dead for 78 minutes”. City AM, the free newspaper for City bigshots, says:

“Muamba was effectively dead for 80 mins”

Bolton Wanderers club doctor Jonathan Tobin has told the BBC:

“It was 48 minutes when he collapsed to reaching hospital and a further 30 minutes after that. He was, in effect, dead at that time. We were fearing the worst and didn’t think we would get the recovery we had. It’s incredible.”
While City AM does the maths, the Star adds to that news with this:

Muamba fell ill during his side’s FA Cup quarter-final match with Spurs. There game was called off. So. Did the plaeyr relly beg his side to win for him? If they lose, will it be against him and lead to a set-back on his path to recovery? No pressure, lads.

Owen Coyle, the Boton manger, explains that begging:

“We spoke as a group this morning and I talked with Fabrice’s family last night. Fabrice’s father Marcel and fiancee Shauna were keen that we fulfil our fixtures. Once the players knew this, there was no doubt in our mind that we would play the matches”

Or as the Star’s Jeremy Cross puts it:

FABRICE MUAMBA has told his Bolton team-mates to get to Wembley for him…[he] told boss Owen Coyle to go back to White Hart Lane and beat Spurs to claim a place in the ­semi-finals.

How is Muamba:

ITV: “The early signs of Fabrice Muamba’s recovery have continued and the footballer said last night that he was ‘fine’, Bolton Wanderers’ team doctor said today.”

Aberdeen Press & Journal: “Doctors hail ‘miraculous’ recovery by Muamba”
White Label Sites: “Fabrice Muamba continues to be critically ill”

D. Venkatesh, 27, a midfielder for A division club Bangalore Mars, went on as substitute in the 73rd minute and collapsed toward the end of the game, local media reported on Thursday. Domestic media reported there was no ambulance available and Venkatesh was taken to the Hosmat Hospital on Wednesday in a three-wheel auto-rickshaw.

Preliminary reports suggested cardiac arrest was the cause of death.

Star spotting at the bedside:

Thierry Henry can be a bit moody and machiavellian on the field, but off the field he’s proven time and again to be a man of charity, conscience and kindness.

So it was no surprise that the New York Red Bulls striker hopped on a plane to visit Fabrice Muamba, the 23-year-old English midfielder who’s made a stunning recovery after suffering from cardiac arrest in Bolton’s abandoned match against Tottenham on Saturday.

Or as Matthew Syed noted in the Times:

Perhaps it is no surprise that Muamba’s family has asked for non-Bolton footballers to refrain from visiting the hospital. The influx of Premier League stars, carefully snapped by waiting photographers, had created unstoppable momentum.

So. Henry defied the family’s wishes?

News Biscuit:

With concern for Fabrice Muamba’s welfare subsiding, the police have formally announced that the search is already underway for those who must have prayed that he suddenly collapse with a heart condition in order for it to happen in the first place.

‘Now that the prayers of the nation have done their job in assisting the hospital’s otherwise ineffective doctors, nurses, paramedics and sophisticated intensive care apparatus, it’s time to turn our attention to catching those who prayed for Muamba’s near-fatal collapse.’ said Detective Inspector Simon Rogers, heading up the investigation.

And finally:
A ZIMBABWEAN woman suffered a heart attack and died while praying for the Bolton midfielder, Fabrice Muamba. Christina Goredema, 35, died in front of a shocked congregation at the Majestic Christian Centre in Hillingdon, England, last Sunday.
Such are the facts…

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