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Haircut man banned from Tesco

by | 22nd, March 2012

NIGEL Eynon, 42, of Chorley New Road, Horwich, says he was banned from a supermarket because of his haircut.

Mr Enyon was a customer at the Regis hair salon situated inside the Horwich branch of Tesco Extra.

Mr Enyon had requested a “Number 6”. The hairdresser only had a “Number 4” hair guard.

The Bolton News then delivers a confusing line:

The construction firm owner had asked for a number six haircut, but the stylist told him he only had a number four guard. He agreed, but after doing his back and sides, the stylist said he did not have a number four after all.

What did he use? Did the stylist do a number 1 or a number 2 on Mr Enyon’s head?

Says Mr Enyon:

“I got annoyed, and yes I started shouting, but I told him you don’t start someone’s hair until you’ve got everything you need. I pulled the cloak off and threw it on the floor.”

Security came.

“They threw me out for getting annoyed. Who wouldn’t though?…But what was I supposed to do?”

Tricia Sillery, of Regis, explains:

“We were, however, in a position to successfully complete the cut using the more skilled technique of scissors over-comb, an expertise that would have achieved exactly the same results.”

Scissors over comb sounds terrific. But better were the haircut to feature a barcode that Mr Enyon and other shoppers for hair could scan and then return if not fit for purpose.

Spotter: Karen

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