Anorak News | Umbilical cord thieves captured

Umbilical cord thieves captured

by | 24th, March 2012

“WE had saved our newborn baby’s umbilical cord as a memory, kind of like how some people keep a lock of their children’s hair. It’s a tradition in some countries,” says the proud father now reunited with his momento.

Police in Örby Slott, south of Stockholm, Sweden, have arrested two men for their part in the cord’s theft. The trip had burgled an apartment and, in the process of fleeing, been captured. When the villains emptied their pockets, police spotted the cord amid a haul of 2,700 kronor in cash, jewellery and digital music players.

The duo have been charged with theft and sentenced to…nine months prison.

Plenty to time to find an accomplice grow their own booty, then…

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