Anorak News | Trucker caught watching 32cm TV bolted to dashboard

Trucker caught watching 32cm TV bolted to dashboard

by | 24th, March 2012

WHAT you’re looking at is a photo of an Australian driver’s onbaord entertaiment system.¬†Goulburn Highway Patrol spotted a man driving erratically on the Hume Highway. A quick look at the vehicle revealed a 32cm wide television screen secured to the dashboard. It was wired up to a portable DVD player.

What do you think was in the player? The report doesn’t say?

Top Gear? Police, Camera, Action?¬†Piers Morgan’s Life Stories? No, the last one’s too dangerous. Piers Morgan is the reason why not all cars come equipped with a telly on the dashboard. It’s the tears, you see. They get into the electrics and can result in ugly scenes of mangled lives and much weeping on the TV news…


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