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A history of TV mix-ups

by | 27th, March 2012

A HISTORY of TV mix-ups – when things go deliciously wrong on the magic box:

Jocky Wilson/Jackie Wilson

The late Jocky Wilson has been remembered fondly elsewhere on Anorak, but one memory lingers: his “appearance” on Top of the Pops. Sure enough, as Dexy’s Midnight Runners blasted out “Jackie Wilson Says” – Van Morrsion’s tribute to the Detroit-born boxer-turned-soul singer – a backdrop hove into view featuring the “unmistakable” face of Scotland’s pre-eminent arrow-chucker…

Guy Kewney/Some other Guy

Guy Goma, to be precise. Goma had come along to the BBC for a job interview as a data support cleanser, but found himself being interviewed live on TV about the Apple versus Apple court case. The intended interviewee was Guy Kewney, editor of

“This has turned out to be a genuine misunderstanding,” said a BBC spokesperson. “We’ve looked carefully at our guest procedures and will take every measure to ensure this doesn’t happen again.”

Famous last words.

Ben Walker/Michael Wolff

Three years later, lightning struck a second time at the BBC, when they sought the views of Ben Walker, baseball editor for the Associated Press. Unfortunately, they had to settle for dead-pan Michael Wolff, author of Rupert Murdoch biography The Man Who Owns The News…

Sarah Palin/Tina Fey

Tina Fey’s impression of Republican maverick Sarah Palin became a staple of US satire show Saturday Night Live. Everyone agreed the likeness was uncanny – none more so than Fox News, who substituted her picture for the real thing…

Statue of Liberty/Mini Statue of Liberty

When the Post Office decided to honour Liberty with a postage stamp, they
Mistakenly used a picture of the miniature fibre-glass and Styrofoam replica at the New York, New York casino in Las Vegas. Easily done.


When Birmingham City Council decided to put a picture of the Second City skyline on a leaflet about recycling, nobody noticed anything odd about it. Until an eagle-eyed ratepayer spotted that it was in fact a picture of Birmingham, Alabama.

Prince William/Prince Harry

No one would ever mistake Prince Harry for Prince William. Unless, that is, they designed commemoration mugs for Guandong Enterprises. We hope Harry And Kate will be very happy together after their first year of marriage.

The Fabulous Miliband Boys

David and Ed Miliband don’t look particularly similar either, but that hasn’t stopped the BBC website, the Today Programme, the Telegraph, the Mirror and Google Image Search, among others, from confusing the two. Wishful thinking, perhaps.

Kelsey Martinovich/Amanda Ware

Even given subsequent embarrassments that have befallen her family, this must surely be one of the most awkward public moments ever for a member of the Murdoch Dynasty. Cringe once more as Rupert’s daughter-in-law Sarah, live on Rupe’s own channel, anoints Kelsey Martinovich Australia’s Next Top Model. And then realizes her terrible mistake…

Fox News has the experts who know about Islam and the UK.

Terrorism ‘expert’ Steven Emerson states that Birmingham, UK is ‘entirely Muslim’ and that non Muslims ‘simply don’t go in’.


Ian Rennie @theangelremiel: Birmingham is entirely populated by muslims.  Unlike nearby Wolverhampton, which is entirely populated by wolves. #foxnewsfacts

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