Anorak News | Bobby Brown arrested for DUI, and announces Vegas wedding to Whitney Houston

Bobby Brown arrested for DUI, and announces Vegas wedding to Whitney Houston

by | 27th, March 2012

WHILE Whitney Houston has barely cooled the soil around her in the ground, the circus that blighted her life continues apace. Mere days after the coroner announced that Whitney died of accidental drowning, her ex-husband Bobby Brown was arrested for driving under the influence.

Brown was pulled over on Monday in the San Fernando Valley for talking on his phone. After the police started talking to him, they suspected he might not be ‘all there’, leading the singer to fail his field sobriety test. Of course, Bobby had a tumultuous 14-year marriage with Houston and a long history of drug and alcohol abuse and troubles with the long arm of the law.

Yet, despite all this, it appears that Whitney Houston was planning to remarry Bobby Brown in Las Vegas with their daughter Bobbi Kristina. That’d be Bobbi Kristina who looks like she’s getting her leg over with her ‘brother’. No wonder Whitney was whacked out of her mind all the time.

Author Derrick Handspike – who wrote Bobby’s biography – said: ”Bobby told me, ‘ Whitney and me are getting married again.’ They were planning a small wedding, probably in Las Vegas with just the two of them and their daughter Krissi.

“Bobby told me, ‘The world may have thought we were history, but the reality is we were never really apart. We’ve never stopped loving each other.’ After his dad’s funeral in Boston in December he flew to Atlanta. For the next week Bobby holed up at Whitney’s home, where they rekindled their romance and their intimate relationship. They slept together in Whitney’s bedroom and talked about what kind of wedding they’d have.”

He added: ”Bobby told me ‘I could have saved her! If I had been with Whitney, she never would have died in that hotel bathtub. I would never have left her alone.”

Alas, everyone pretty much blames Bobby Brown for getting Whitney into narcs in the first place, so whaddayagonnado?


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