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Titanic 3D – World Premiere photos

by | 27th, March 2012

JUST when you thought it was safe to go back into the cinema, Celine Dion clears her throat, pops her best teeth back in and belts out the Titanic theme song. It’s Titanic. It’s back. And it’s in 3D. Relive the drama of mass death for beautiful people  in three dimensions. And you know what’s coming next.

The film’s director James Cameron successfully completed a seven-mile dive. sailing 36,756ft down to the floor of the Pacific Ocean in Challenger Deep. He said:

“Despite this big procedure I’d written for myself, there had to be a moment I stopped and just took it all in and said ‘This is where I am, I’m at the bottom of the ocean, the bottom of the world, the deepest place on Earth. What does that mean?”

It can mean only one thing: Atlantis. You hear it here first:


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James Cameron and Wife Suzy arriving for the World Premiere of Titanic 3D, at the Royal Albert Hall, Prince Consort Rd, London.

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