Anorak News | Cyclists and rowers die younger than archers and darts players

Cyclists and rowers die younger than archers and darts players

by | 28th, March 2012

DAILY Mail Scare Story of Week: Jenny Hope has news that sitting down will kill you.

Stand up if you want to live longer, researchers have warned.

The bed-bound reach for their slippers.

A major study from Australia found sitting down too long increases your risk of dying within three years, even if you are already physically active.

The wheelchair bound are doomed. Also finished are tennis umpires, dentists, Team GB’s Olympic rowers and cyclists, the Daily Mail Reporter and more. In the clear are Team GB’s archers, darts players and waiters.

The study discovered that adults who sat down for “11 or more hours per day had a 40 per cent increased risk of dying in the next three years compared with those who sat for fewer than four hours a day.”

Got that bit about “in the next three years”. It suggests that the inactive – who may well be sickly or very old – will die before the active ones who are not as sick or younger and have less need to sit down for 11 hours a day.

You can’t argue with science.

Among the physically inactive group, those who sat the most had nearly one-third higher chance of dying than those who sat least.

Other science says that almost everyone has 100% chance of dying.

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