Anorak News | Amy Willerton and Chantelle Houghton in Katie Price face-off

Amy Willerton and Chantelle Houghton in Katie Price face-off

by | 28th, March 2012

CHANTELLE Houghton says her winter wedding to Alex Reid is “OFF”. OK! is going big on Chantelle Houghton, that Katie Price lite who could pass for any one of hundreds of OK! stalwarts. Can OK! make Chantelle interesting? She’s mated in the celebrity Petrie Dish with Alex Reid, Katie Price’s ex.

Last week, OK! led with the news of Chantelle saying: “I’m scared I’ll die in childbirth.” The week before that Chantelle told us: “I’m so angry Alex sent secret message to Katie Price look alike” – a story that suggested Reid was now unable to pick out his lover from any number of women on the OK! circuit. One week prior to that, Chantelle was on the OK! cover worried that her baby could be brain damaged.

This week, Chantelle is with an “AMY”. Chantelle sorts out any confusion over which is which by craddling her bulging tum-tum.

We see Chantelle sat on a sofa. On the table before her is photo of Alex Reid, the walking Toffee Crisp. Chantelle says that since she had a heart scare she’s no longer minded about Amy Willerton, for it is she. Chantelle says AMY WILLERTON is in it for the publicity and her tweet to Reid (“I hope I get to met you both”) was not innocent and how it came to be leaked to the press and turned into a shaggy tabloid story about Alex’s secret messages (see OK!) has nothing to do with her nor the fact that Chantelle needs a prop to look interesting and AMY is looking for new management because her mentor, Katie Price, dropped her.

Has Amy signed with CAN Associates yet?

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