Anorak News | The Sun’s London Olympic’s cyanide plot is thin on facts

The Sun’s London Olympic’s cyanide plot is thin on facts

by | 30th, March 2012

NO more news on the Sun’s alarming news that “al-Qaeda fanatics are plotting a deadly cyanide poison attack on the London Olympics”. The paper had news from a website forum (unnamed) that one “Abu Hija Ansari” had published instructions in Arabic for blending hand-cream with cyanide.


A second extremist said on the website: “It is a good idea and you need to plan well.” She added chillingly under a logo of the 2012 Games: “It’s time to prepare for the event, as once again they are interfering with innocent Muslims.”

The Daily Mail added:

It is not known if the security service has uncovered any terrorist plots, however, there is said to be ‘chatter’ among jihadist groups.

The Daily Telegraph quoted Bernard Jenkin, the Conservative MP for Essex North and chairman of the all-party homeland security group:

 “I hope the individuals are identified so action can be taken. Those who believe there is no terrorist threat are living in cloud cuckoo land.”

And then the news went quiet. Given the lack of details in the story, can we believe all we read in the Sun?

Richard Bartholomew notes another Sun terror story of thee years ago. In January 2009, the Sun told us, as we reported:

ALAN Sugar is on a “Hit List” of prominent UK Jews to be offed by Islamists. So says the Sun, which leads with “TERROR TARGET SUGAR”. Reading on, the Sun talks of “fears” that a list is being drawn up, and that the one who fears most is “British anti-terror expert Glen Jenvey”. He “is convinced online forum Ummah is being used to prepare a deadly backlash against UK Jews”.

Names given included Sugar, DJ Mark Ronson, Foreign Secretary David Miliband and Amy Winehouse. Rachel Weisz, Stephen Fry, Sacha Baron Cohen and dear Lionel Blair were in the clear.

As Bartholomew notes, the story was nonsense. Jenvy was, allegedly, the Abu Islam of the story:

On the Ummah site, “Saladin1970” asks for help compiling “a list of those who support Israel”. “Abuislam” asks: “Have we got a list of top Jews we can target? Can someone post names and addresses?”

Jenvy later covnerts to Islam and writes:

Brother i’m sorry for the Allan Sugar story plant. I’m retired now from spying on Muslims. I saw a chance to install fear back in Jews who were killing Muslims.I was wrong to use you and your site.If you need any thing to help you in any way in the name of Allah just ask.

But yes the Sun did not know who posted it.I say sorry to you from my heart. if you want show the police and get me arrested. but with the first ramadaam coming i want to clear my past sin’s before i start my fasting and pray.

I would write this on your forum but im blocked out. may Allah reward you for your good work you do.Ameen

Omar Hamza Jenvey


Glen Jenvey

The Guardian reported:

A self-styled terrorism expert who was behind a fabricated Sun front-page story about Lord Sugar and other Jewish figures being on an Islamic extremist hitlist has been arrested on suspicion of inciting religious hatred against Jews. Glen Jenvey, 44 – who has appeared on BBC Newsnight as an extremism expert and has helped the Sunday Times with research on terrorism – was arrested in a joint operation by Scotland Yard and Wiltshire Police in a dawn raid at his home in Salisbury.

That case was dropped.

So. what of this latest Sun shocker? Fact or just pandering to readers’ fears..?

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