Anorak News | Charlie Sheen wishes his massive breakdown on anyone else

Charlie Sheen wishes his massive breakdown on anyone else

by | 30th, March 2012

TIGER BLOOD is nothing something Charlie Sheen runs on any longer, which is a shame because he was kinda fun when he looked like he was about to die from sheer lunacy, porn-overload and suitcases of cocaine. However, once he started making money from his despairing situation, he started to straighten up.

And then everyone got bored. It was very much a case of Get Rich And Die Glorious or Live And Fade Into Obscurity. He went for the latter.

Looking back at his insanery, he has know idea how it all happened, almost like an out of body experience, although he wishes it was someone else’s body it happened to. Presumably so he could join in with watching the hilarious of someone fragmenting in public, getting dumped by two goddesses and unceremoniously being fired from his main source of income.

These days, Sheeno finds it strange when he thinks about that period as it didn’t happen to him.

“I would have taken that action,” he said on US TV show Today this morning, when it was suggested that people were probably betting on when he would die. “I was going to do a documentary with all the footage I shot during the tour and the whole build up, during the meltdown. It could be a nice case study one day.”

“In looking at a lot of the stuff, I’m like ew, whoa… I didn’t recognise parts of who that guy was. The verbage and him looking like a real, insane wordsmith was fine. But it was a trip. Yeah [it was like an out of body experience], I wish it was somebody else’s body.”

Seriously Charlie, your family may have been worried sick, but it really was very, very funny watching you die all that time ago.


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