Anorak News | ‘Human fireball’ Diane Hill – who to blame?

‘Human fireball’ Diane Hill – who to blame?

by | 31st, March 2012

DIANE Hill is the woman burnt whilst decanting petrol in her kitchen. The 46-year-old was cooking dinner at her home in York when she poured petrol into a glass jug to give to her daughter whose car was low on petrol.

Mrs Hill’s daughter Grace wrote online:

“I’m gonna be f***** if the petrol stations in York close cos I have zero money to top up & I’m already flashing.”

The Daily Express ups the ante:

Mrs Hill, 46 – trying to help her stricken teenage daughter whose car had run dry

Grace Hill was in her mum’s garden. Stricken?

Inside, the gas cooker was on. The petrol vapour ignited. The jug broke and covered Mrs Hill in burning fuel. Diane Hill has 40% burns. She is at Pinderfields Hospital in Wakefield.

North Yorkshire Fire service spokesman Peter Hudson says:

“She did not think about the fact the gas cooker was on.”

Some say her accident can be blamed on Francis Maude, the Conservative Cabinet Minister who give a boost to the jerry can industry by saying they should be used to store fuel. He said:

“A bit of extra fuel in a jerry can in the garage is a sensible precaution to take’ ahead of the possible strike.”

Mrs Hill’s aunt, Joan Simpson, says:

“This tragic event could have been avoided. The Government have got some serious explaining to do. We are all absolutely devastated.”

David Cameron says:

“My heart goes out to her and her family.”

Karl Turner, MP for Hull East, says:

“If this lady has suffered these terrible injuries because she was following the advice handed out by Francis Maude then I sincerely believe he must resign. This woman has suffered life-changing injuries.”

The Daily Mirror uses party politics to bemoan party politics:

The terrible accident that has left Diane Hill in hospital with 40% burns is a graphic reminder of how wrong it is to play politics with people’s lives. The petrol crisis has been stoked up by politicians and vested interests from across the spectrum. And now a woman’s life is in the balance, leaving her family and friends in unimaginable turmoil.

Vested interests like the, er, Daily Mirror?

The Government’s ineptitude as it sought to make political capital out of Unite’s threat to strike was a cack-handed gamble that failed.

The Sun reports on jerry can dodgers:

A PANIC-buying pensioner pulled into a petrol station yesterday to fill up 20 empty paint tins — and a tray of jam jars.

Finally, the Telegraph says Mrs Hill is worth “£320,000”. The Sun values it at £500,000.

Such are the facts.


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The petrol station at ASDA in Trafford Park, Manchester, is closed after it ran out of fuel.

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