Anorak News | Battle of the Mels: Spice Girls at war over invariably awful musical

Battle of the Mels: Spice Girls at war over invariably awful musical

by | 2nd, April 2012

WRITING a musical is hard work, so why not skip much of the creative process and based it around the back catalogue of a campy, successful band? We’re looking at you, Queen and ABBA. And seeing as the collective member are all completely insane, it comes as no surprise that there’s going to be Spice Girls: The Musical.

Or will there? You see, while theatre producer Judy Cramer (responsible for the awful-but-giganto-hit Mamma Mia!) has been working on the production 2010 and there’s the small matter of Jennifer Saunders (now the female Ben Elton-esque sellout swine) writing the original script, the process is getting awkward.

See, Victoria Beckham, Geri Halliwell, Emma Bunton are all working well together to get this thing off the ground. Basically, the remarkable thing here is that Geri isn’t the one acting mental, rather, it’s Mel B and Mel C, who are locking horns over almost everything.

“Melanie Brown [Scary Spice] and Melanie Chisholm [Sporty Spice] can’t agree on anything,” a source told the New York Post, adding; “The show, which has been scheduled to debut in London by this year’s end, has reportedly been delayed before because of the busy former pop stars’ scheduling issues.”

So basically, Posh has a massive family and a busy professional life, whereas Ginger and Baby understand their importance to the world (ie They’re not particularly relevant these days, so it is better to work quickly and get some pennies while there’s something of a 90s revival afoot) while Mel C clearly has delusions of credibility and Mel B continues to become increasing mad, like some kind of pop Colonel Kurtz.

Expect a big, ugly, public fallout and soon.


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All-girl pop band, The Spice Girls, arrive at the Lloyds Bank British Fashion Awards in London tonight (Tuesday). Watch for PA Story. Photo by Michael Stephens.

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