Anorak News | Sunderland takes on Everton in rubbish storm

Sunderland takes on Everton in rubbish storm

by | 2nd, April 2012

HAVING seen Sunderland lost 0-2 to Everton in the FA Cup quarter-final, the Sunderland Echo reassures its readers that the visotors are not better than the Mackems at all.

Locals now know that:

Everton has apologised after one of its players was seen dropping litter.


The littering was witnessed by the Sunderland Echo’s Durham reporter Rob Freeth.

We go live to the Sunderland Echo’s man on the scene:

“I was walking along the riverside path opposite the hotel when I saw the Everton squad board the coach. As one of the players got on, he threw what turned out to be his plastic hotel key card at other Everton staff who were standing nearby. It missed them and landed a few metres from me.”

So. You kept it as souvenir. Or you used it to gain access to the Everton hotel rooms to have a nose about for porn, drugs, stolen tyres, signs of smoking, birds, booze etc…?

“I left it for a short while, thinking someone would pick it up, but no one did.”

Well, someone did:

Rob picked up the card and handed it back.

Sunderland man picks up litter! Says Rob Freeth:

“One of the Everton party took the card and boarded the bus. Another member of the party seemed to take exception to being told not to drop litter.”

There’s just no learning some people. Everton might have a semi-final date at Wembley with Liverpool, but Sunderland hold the moral high ground.

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