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Cheryl Cole dreams of marrying Prince Harry

by | 3rd, April 2012

IT IS all very well being a pop princess, but being an actual princess is far superior. Presumably, as a member of a royal family, you get more than mere VIP treatment. You’re probably allowed to handpick a member of the public and hunt them for sport when you get bored. You probably get Findus Crispy Pancakes with griffin meat in them.

With that, we look squarely at Cheryl Cole who British pop royalty who dreams of becoming a blue blood. That’s right – her subconscious has placed Prince Harry in there as husband material, all grinning with a boner.

Of course, Harry has previously revealed his love for Chezza at an awards show in 2009, where he told Joe McElderry that one was “so jealous that you got to spend weeks with Cheryl”. During a question-and-answer session, a fan asked Cheryl whether she knew if Harry ‘fancied’ her, to which the Girls Aloud star replied: “I do! I love Prince Harry. Actually, I had a dream last night I married Prince Harry and was a real-life Princess! It’s true! And Prince Charles was my father-in-law instead of my charity partner.”

Charity partner doesn’t mean that Wor Cheryl pushes Charlie around in a wheelchair to feed the ducks on a Wednesday afternoon, rather, they’ve actually set up a charity together. With all these links to each other, it is obvious that Cheryl and Harry will end up involved romantically. With that, they’ll have their names clumped together like Brangelina.

So, we look forward to our new king and queen stepping out as either Chazza, Hezzy or our favourite, Haryl Hole.


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