Anorak News | Top five celebrity flight faux pas: Boon, Henson, Gallagher, NY Mets, Depardieu and Three Lions

Top five celebrity flight faux pas: Boon, Henson, Gallagher, NY Mets, Depardieu and Three Lions

by | 4th, April 2012
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Gavin Henson: icy reception

Gavin Henson’s alcohol-related antics on a flight from Glasgow to Cardiff were mild by the standards of Rugby Union. The Welsh international and occasional reality TV star threw ice cubes and generally acted the goat, but did nothing truly appalling.

Nevertheless this was enough, in these squeaky-clean times, to get him sacked by his club Cardiff Blues.

Surely some perspective is need here. After all, it’s not as if he’s the first celebrity to roll in the gutter while soaring through the skies, as you will see from our Top Five Celebrity Flight Faux pas….

5. Liam Gallagher: Sconegate

Cathay Pacific banned Oasis singerLiam Gallagher for life, after an incident in 1998. Reports vary about the exact circumstances, but a scone appears to have been involved. Some say the fiery front man threatened the pilot with the aforementioned comestible. Others, more plausibly, say he simply couldn’t get his hands on one.

Members of Oasis also apparently refused to stop smoking, threw objects at people and swore at flight attendants, before being ejected from the plane.

The lesson here is simple. If you can’t get a scone, you just have to have a Roll With It.

4. Depardon’t!


Disaster struck for theatrical grand fromage Gerard Depardieu on a delayed flight from Paris to Dublin, when he was prevented from using the plane’s toilets, which were locked pending takeoff. ‘I need to piss, I need to piss,” he called out (in French) with no luck. The wine-loving actor eventually availed himself of a bottle proffered by a friend, but his aiming abilities proved considerably worse than his acting talent. His offered to clean up were politely declined and he was asked to leave the plane.

A fellow passenger said that Depardieu was drunk, but his friend denied this. Which is, of course, what friends are for.

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