Anorak News | Did police kill man’s pet cat for fun?

Did police kill man’s pet cat for fun?

by | 5th, April 2012

THE Mary Bale Fan Club welcomes the Swedish police who rescued a cat “with a limp” . They then shot it and dumped it by the roadside.

Says Göran Hjalmarsson, the cat’s owner:

 “Cissi was everything to me, she was my rock. She was part of my family, she understood me. I couldn’t sleep if she wasn’t nearby. I live alone now, and Cissi had been my only consolation after my daughter died of cancer ten months ago. Cissi was all I had left. I’m extremely saddened by the whole thing, I want the police to come to my home and apologize. I want answers.”

Hjalmarsson says he found his cat, which had been buried by local children. He checked it over for signs of injury. The police said the cat looked as if it had been in a traffic accident. They said they could not trace the owner, but Ciss was wearing an ID tag. Hjalmarsson says that aside from the bullet hole in his chest, the cat had no injuries.

Jan Mattsson of the Östergötland police explains:

“This was no good. Firstly, one can’t leave animals like that. Secondly, we must be more careful with reading the ID marks and we must put more work into getting the animal to its owner.”

Hjalmarsson says, “The police are lying to me, I don’t understand it. This is a serious crime.”

Are police shooting animals for fun? Or have they heard the news..?


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