Anorak News | Falkland Islands grass up the Argies

Falkland Islands grass up the Argies

by | 5th, April 2012

WITH Argentina reduced to invading the Falkland Islands with T-shirt slogans, nasty words and Argentina’s President Cristina Fernandez make-up explosion , thus not troubling our man with rifle and colander, Andy Beckett tells Guardian readers:

In the Falklands, even the plant life seems to send a political message, leaning perpetually eastward, away from the prevailing wind and Argentina.

Yeah, even the grass hates the Argies.

Image:  Argentina’s President Cristina Fernandez holds up a plaque that reads in Spanish; “Islas Malvinas,” or Malvinas Islands at a ceremony marking the 30th anniversary of the start of the Falkland conflict, in Ushuaia, Argentina, Monday April 2, 2012. Fernandez said Monday that she’s asked the International Red Cross to persuade Britain to let its experts identify unknown soldiers buried in the Falkland Islands, islands they claim as the Malvinas. Thirty years after Argentina and Britain went to war over the remote South Atlantic archipelago, Fernandez says universal human rights demand that both countries work together to give those bodies back to their families. 


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Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher alone at San Carlos cemetery remembers the servicemen who lost thier lives at this ground where the invasion started. The grave on the far right hand side behind Mrs Thatcher is that of war hero Colonel H Jones.

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