Anorak News | Samantha Brick is the victim of a Twitterhunt – tweeters want her raped, murdered and punched

Samantha Brick is the victim of a Twitterhunt – tweeters want her raped, murdered and punched

by | 5th, April 2012

SAMANTHA Brick, troll-bait protagonist and victim du jour of the Mail’s misogynistic editorial policy, told ITV’s This Morning that she intended her article to be witty. It wasn’t. It was devoid of humour. It was shaped by words, sub-editing photos and headline to make Samantha Brick look like a delusional vanity case – and she fits the bill. Even her name – Brick – appears to work of the parodist, a shaped lump of clay that think because it’s stuck in a wall at Buckingham Palace or by Kate Moss’s left shoulder it is it the people have come to see.

But was the reaction to her nonsense any more humorous than her article? No. Not all of it.

Tim Dowling was the pick with his piece “Like Samantha Brick, I have been hated for my good looks”. He tells us:

This other time, when I was caught travelling on a peak-time train with an off-peak ticket, the (female) train manager smiled and said to me: “I should charge you the full single peak rate, sir, but this time I’ll just charge you the difference.” My savings, in this case, amounted to nearly £12.

But what of the kind hearts who looked at Brick and tweeted:

“Why’s everybody being so hard on Samantha Brick? Can’t we just show a little consideration and maybe gang-rape her a bit?”


“Just saw Samantha Brick. On my murder list.”


“Gonna murder this Samantha Brick women. Fukkkkkoff ye ugly thing”


“Fucking arrogant slag has been hit with a brick on that nose of hers!!”


“Samantha Brick is getting the attention she clearly wants. she should die. slowly.”


“this samantha brick bitch needs a punch to her face”

Nasty stuff.

But Brick is now famous. And that is what the name of the game is. Expect lots of articles, perhaps even a book, on how one woman conquered the twitterverse. And expect the usual Daily Mail horros-fot-hite – Liz Jones, Jan Moir, Manadal Platell – to wodner why they never thoght first of an artlce called “Why women hate me for being beautiful”…

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