Anorak News | Ten little boys in blue done for racism – Terrelle Ferguson speaks

Ten little boys in blue done for racism – Terrelle Ferguson speaks

by | 5th, April 2012

TEN Metropolitan Police officers have been suspended for alleged racist behaviour. Shocking. But it’s all too believable that the police are racist. Terrelle Ferguson alleges he was abused by police officers in Forest Gate station. His video is further down the page.

Today the Metropolitan Police Deputy Commissioner, Craig Mackey, stood outside Scotland Yard and stated there was “no room for racism in the Met”.

First came Stephen Lawrence. Then came Mauro Demetrio, and an unnamed youth.

Mackey adds:

“We have referred seven cases to the IPCC, in addition to the three cases already reported in the media. As the review continues there may be further referrals.”


“While any use of racist language is abhorrent, what is reassuring for me is that in the ten cases that have been referred to the IPCC six involve other officers who have stood up and raised concerns, showing that we are an organisation that will not stand for any racist behaviour.”

He then came out with this bollocks:

“We need to look at how we train our staff, particularly our supervisors, to not only stop this behaviour but also to ensure that they report any colleagues’ misconduct.”

Train the police to obey the law?

Blimey! It really is shafted.

Here’s Terrelle Ferguson telling us what happend to him in Forest Gate police station:

An investigation is underway.

For my part, I’ve seen the police act in ways that made me wonder if racism has played a part. I saw it in Belsize Park when I was a teenager, when police singled out the one black youth in our group and slapped him. I saw it at Arsenal football ground in the season when the Gunners won the league at Highbury in 2002 –  of all the fans who swarmed onto the pitch the copper to my side punched the black boy in the head and jogged away into a mob of yellow safety jackets. Those moments made me wonder. I had no need to wonder in the 1980s, when the police told me about the “Paddys and the coons” in Kilburn.

So. Are the police racist?

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