Anorak News | After the psychopathic polar bear Knut meet cute Anori

After the psychopathic polar bear Knut meet cute Anori

by | 6th, April 2012

REMEMBER when polar bears were used to illustrate the man-made global melting? News media featured the sad bears sat on a small patches of ice. Well, polar bear numbers are up –  66 per cent higher than estimates. Polar bears are doing so well because scientists have been leaving them alone.

In Newfoundland the polar bears are attacking and making home visits. Two were shot dead just last week.

A northeastern Newfoundland lighthouse keeper says he had an uncomfortable feeling he was being watched hours before his close encounter with a polar bear. “It was like a cold shiver that went over me, I thought, ‘There better not be no polar bear behind me,’” Joe Goodyear, who works at Puffin Island Lighthouse, said about the Tuesday incident.

Police came and dispatched the polar bear with three bullets.

Meanwhile, in Germany, Knut’s half-sister Anori has been making her debut. That’s her in the photo above. Knut turned into a “psychopath”. Enjoy Anori before she tries to enjoy you…

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