Anorak News | Johannesburg hires owls to eradicate massive rats

Johannesburg hires owls to eradicate massive rats

by | 6th, April 2012

TO South Africa, where Johannesburg’s head of health and social development Nonceba Molwele outlines the “three natural ways” to rid the Alexandra township of massive rats: owls, rat cages and fumigation.

As she says:

“This project will be running in Alexandra for the next three years, and has so far involved educating the local communities and schools on the role that owls play in eradicating rats. The education covered the myth and beliefs that associated owls with witchcraft.”

The rats are said to be as large as the local cats.

But given the role cats are playing in the subjugation of humanity┬áthe rats might be preferable to the cats. What’s needed is a way to eradicate the cats, of which there are famously three natural methods: massive rats, witches and a Chinese fur trade show…

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