Anorak News | Are blacks the most racist against blacks than whites are?

Are blacks the most racist against blacks than whites are?

by | 6th, April 2012

ARE black people more prejudiced against dark skin tons than whites are? One study notes that not all blacks are treated the same. Those with darker skins get a raw deal. The darker the skin, the longer the prison sentence:

Villanova researchers studied more than 12,000 cases of African-American women imprisoned in North Carolina and found that women with lighter skin tones received more-lenient sentences and served less time than women with darker skin tones.

The researchers found that light-skinned women were sentenced to approximately 12 percent less time behind bars than their darker-skinned counterparts.

Is that racism or prejudice?

Karen Grigsby Bates writes:

Hue-based hierarchy, of course, is ancient — and also very modern. The difference is many non-American societies are matter-of-fact about the preference for lighter skin. Prospects on the Indian online dating and marriage website Shaadi, for instance, often list themselves as “fair” or “wheat-colored” without embarrassment. Women touted as beautiful throughout Latin America and the Caribbean often range from very fair to cafe au lait. Black Americans are no exception — but they’re also less forthright about the color prejudice that exists within the black community.

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