Anorak News | Mario Balotelli and Wayne Rooney unite warring factions

Mario Balotelli and Wayne Rooney unite warring factions

by | 9th, April 2012

IS this promotion for Jenny Thomson, formerly Jennifer Thompson, aka Juice Jen, the tabloids’ “Rooney’s hooker”. Although still not named in front-page headlines, Thompson leads the Daily Star’s new coverage as “MARIO’S VICE GIRL”.

Is Mario’s Vice Girl a better epithet than Rooney’s Hooker? There is much to discuss on Sky Daily Sport, the porn and football satellite station.

Today’s news is that:


You can see WAGS massed in a community centre in brightest Cheshire, the only item on the agenda: Stop Thompson, shag ‘n’ tell’s Lionel Messi, albeit one more willing to go down at the slightest touch.

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The Star adds:

WAGS “have also come up with an impromptu text and Tweet network to keep each other informed if they spot her on the prowl”.

Move over Orange, this is the Tangerine Network’s JennyDar. Says a friend of a WAG, who remains nameless for fear of reprisals:

“All the partners of players at clubs in the north west have teamed up to tip off each other if they see or hear she’s in a club where their men might be going to.

“Once the alert has gone out, the WAGs will make sure their man doesn’t go to the club or bar where Jenny is, or they get someone to keep a close eye on their man and make sure he doesn’t get caught up in her arms.”

Anorak suggest hiring a man-maker up to the job, a low-key willing team player like Manchester United’s Darren Fletcher or Everton’s Phil Neville.

But it seems that the competitive streak that runs through players wants to express itself in the he Jacuzzi:

“Sadly, with some of the younger stars, there may be a temptation to try forbidden fruit to see how they compare with the likes of Balotelli and Rooney.”

Again we suggest Sky Daily Sports gets moving with its player cam and recalibrate the ProZone technology to take in Jennifer’s head-cam.

Jennifer Thompson’s Why Always Me? Will be broadcast nightly between Midnight and 4am…


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