Anorak News | Woman tears off lover’s scrotum

Woman tears off lover’s scrotum

by | 9th, April 2012

TO Indiana, where Christina Reber, 43, has torn off the scrotum of her “on-again, off-again” lover.
The victim, 57, says he was sat working at his computer when Reber “walked into his house uninvited”.  Reber screamed “call the f*cking police” before hitting him about the head and “latching onto his scrotum”, “squeezing as hard as she could” and “digging in her fingers”.
After a while he was “finally able to pry his scrotum from Reber’s hand”. The scrotum then fell to the floor.
Reber has been charged with aggravated battery, illegally entry and domestic battery.
The scrotum has been cleaned and reattached. It is now know whether or not Reber broke a nail…

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