Anorak News | Children finds grenade on Easter Egg hunt

Children finds grenade on Easter Egg hunt

by | 9th, April 2012

THE children on an Easter egg hunt in the woods beside the village of Holford in Somerset have found a harder egg than usual. Not last year’s stock, but a hand grenade.

Hunt organiser Stuart Moffatt says:

“I was shocked. It’s the last thing you could possibly want to find with children about. We were beginning to count the eggs up at the end of the hunt and I saw a young boy, around three-years-old, standing on an object. On closer inspection we realised it looked like a hand grenade.”
The last thing Anorak would want to find in the woods with children around is Gary Glitter, a wolf or a gingerbread house.
As for the grenade, it’s thought to be relic from World War 2. But how did it get into the woods?  We can only guess and marvel that the three-year-old  boy who ‘found’ it has not been taken away for questioning and had his action figure collection confiscated…
Happy Easter kids:


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