Anorak News | How to host a “sinking party” to experience the Titanic, minus the shipwreck

How to host a “sinking party” to experience the Titanic, minus the shipwreck

by | 9th, April 2012

EVER wondered what it was like travelling on the Titanic? Then you’re in luck because this year’s centenary of the ship’s sinking has brought plenty of opportunities to experience life on board a boat heading for an iceberg. This weekend, party fixers around the world will be hosting morbid luxury meals, Titanic viewing parties and dinners with actors impersonating shipwreck victims in commemoration of the passenger liner’s doomed maiden voyage.

On Sunday, the Titanic Memorial Cruise set sail from Southampton, England with 1,500 passengers on board – the same number of people that were on the original boat. Some are relatives of Titanic survivors and many dressed in period costumes. During the trip, the passengers will sample the food and music enjoyed by Titanic’s passengers before the boat hit an iceberg and sank on 15 April 1912.

In St Louis, Missouri the centenary has inspired a new trend, “sinking parties“, where guests experience the food and entertainment offered to the Titanic’s passengers. At the city’s Fox Theatre, dinner guests will fork out $500 to sample a 38-dish menu that includes poached salmon with mousseline sauce, roast duckling, Filet Mignons Lili, Squab and Cress, Pate de Foie Gras and Waldorf Pudding. Tickets are limited to 327, the same as the number of the Titanic’s first-class passengers.

A champagne brunch costs just $45, and will have actors impersonating Titanic passengers. A local paper reports that “countless” home sinking parties are also being planned, with chefs updating vintage recipes from the Titanic’s last menu for those who wish to prepare their own commemorative dinners.

A Hong Kong restaurant will also be aiming to “recreate the ambience on the ship” by offering diners a $200 10-course dinner imitating the one served to  the Titanic’s first-class passengers just before disaster hit.

For those who don’t have first-class budgets, bloggers are offering tips on how to host the perfect Titanic-themed party at home.

Perhaps the thought of hundreds of people drowning and of restaurants and tour companies turning a tragic event into a money-making opportunity puts you off your dinner? Well, then you could just head for the cinema to watch the new 3D-version of Titanic.


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