Anorak News | First-class Coleen Rooney wears Royal Mail’s first £1million Stamp tattoo

First-class Coleen Rooney wears Royal Mail’s first £1million Stamp tattoo

by | 10th, April 2012

JOHN Baron, Chairman of the Association of British Philatelic Societies says the Royal Mail is spoiling stamp collecting.

“They’ve ruined it,” he says. “They’ve killed the market.”

Too many stamps is the problem. You can’t buy all the special commemorative stamps issued. The so-called “completists” cannot afford to collect them all.

Adds Mr Baron in the Times:

“I used to collect every issue of Great Britain stamps. Ultimately, you just can’t afford to do it. It’s only one or two people with a bottomless pit of money who can.”

He adds:

“The young people of today cannot afford to collect new issues… Young people are the future.”

Young people are always the future, unless you’re talking about British pop music which is all about holding a bus pass and a stately home. Young people are the future of train spotting, white collar crime, tax avoidance schemes, the second-home market in France, British skiing and having affairs with your secretary.

If stamps collecting needs to be exclusive, the Royal Mail seem to be on the case, hiking the first-class stamp to 60p (the cost of roughly 89 emails) and making every stamp a thing of wonder. As soon as the Royal Mail introduces its first £1million pound stamp and Coleen Rooney takes to wearing one on her exposed lower back in a trend-setting move, the future of stamp collecting will be assured…

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