Anorak News | Sam Allardyce says the West Ham way is a ‘delusion’

Sam Allardyce says the West Ham way is a ‘delusion’

by | 10th, April 2012

WEST Ham United manager Sam Allardyce said back in March that people bemoan his tactics because they are jealous:

“It didn’t start off from there though [the media] – it started off from other managers many years ago, because they got jealous because I kept beating them. It’s there and I just have to carry on, I don’t let it affect me personally, I just know what’s good for the players at West Ham, I know what’s good for West Ham as a football club, and I know how to win football matches.

Only, the players play their part, as Sam acknowledges:

“I said before the game that if you come off the pitch with a clean sheet, then you’ll win, but I must have been talking Swahili.”

That game ended in a 3-3 draw with Birmingham City.

West Ham demand more – deserve more. As he said at the start of the season:

“That history that West Ham have I am very well aware of and we will play the West Ham way with the players we have got to achieve the ultimate, and that’s winning football matches.”

And as he says in March as the fans chanted “”we’re West Ham, we play on the floor”:

“There has never been a ‘West Ham way’ shown to me, not by anyone who has worked at the club. I’ve spoken to a lot of people at the club and no one can tell me what it is, so it is a bit of a delusion.”

Such are the facts…

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