Anorak News | So how will Greece leave the Eurozone? Answer: painfully (photos)

So how will Greece leave the Eurozone? Answer: painfully (photos)

by | 11th, April 2012

HOW will Greece leave the Eurozone? Painfully it seems.

There’s a general agreement among realist economists (ie, not those drunk on some nonsensical dreams of European unity) that the euro as it was set up was a decidedly bad idea. That even if it had been better set up Greece certainly shouldn’t have been part of it and that it would be better for Greece and everyone else if Greece were to be out of the euro.

All of this is simple enough. The problem is how do we get from here to there? As this column points out in what for economists is sneering and vitriolic language, erm, actually, we probably can’t.

Get from here to there that is.

It’s just too bloody difficult to do it in anything like a democracy or a free society.

That is, it would be great if Greece had never joined, it would be great if Greece had left, but the process of leaving is just too difficult to actually go through it.

Something to keep in mind the next time the politicians try and jump us into something that we cannot subsequently get out of, eh?


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An injured and bleeding policeman is assisted by passersby after he was attacked by protesters in Athens' main Syntagma Square, Saturday, April 7 2012. A protest march that followed a memorial service for a retired pharmacist who committed suicide earlier this week turned violent with marchers beating a policeman in central Athens and stealing his uniform, bulletproof vest, manacles and walkie-talkie. (AP Photo/Kostas Tsironis)

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