Anorak News | Greece rages: Dimitris Christoulas and Marios Lolos die as racism rises

Greece rages: Dimitris Christoulas and Marios Lolos die as racism rises

by | 11th, April 2012

GREECE is bleeding. A 77-year-old retired pharmacist named Dimitris Christoulas committed suicide at Syntagma Square in central Athens. In a suicide note, he claimed the financial crisis in Greece had ‘destroyed’ him. Hundreds attended the ceremony at an Athens cemetery. At a march in Athens to mark his death, a policeman was badly beaten. Also, photographer Marios Lolos, 46, who heads the Greek Photojournalists’ Association and works for the Chinese news agency Xinhua, suffered a skull fracture while covering the protest. Other Greeks are targeting foreigners – not only the Germans who are seen as the enemy.┬áSeveral political parties have promised to take a tougher line on illegal immigration, ahead of a general election, expected in late April. Greece is the busiest crossing point for illegal immigration in the European Union. It’s getting hot in Greece….


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An injured and bleeding policeman is assisted by passersby after he was attacked by protesters in Athens' main Syntagma Square, Saturday, April 7 2012. A protest march that followed a memorial service for a retired pharmacist who committed suicide earlier this week turned violent with marchers beating a policeman in central Athens and stealing his uniform, bulletproof vest, manacles and walkie-talkie. (AP Photo/Kostas Tsironis)

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