Anorak News | Spider-Man sticks hamster to cage

Spider-Man sticks hamster to cage

by | 13th, April 2012

TO the home of Kate Meech in Bugbrooke, Northamptonshire, where four month-old Smurf the hamster has eaten a Spider-Man magnet and become stuck to the metal bars of his cage.

Says Kate:

“When I saw the small circular shape from inside her cheek I realised she was attached by a magnet. It took a bit of a tug to pull her away from it and then we had to keep her in a plastic box…

The magnet remains in Smurf’s cheek. And then breaks out:

“But after checking on her for a few days I realised that, instead, her body started to push it out of her cheek, treating it as a foreign body. It made me feel quite queasy.”

Smurf and Spider-Man made it through the fur to live another day…

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