Anorak News | Cuba’s Harley Davidson Motorcycle club work the vintage – photos

Cuba’s Harley Davidson Motorcycle club work the vintage – photos

by | 15th, April 2012

THIS week Cuba hosted its first national gathering in honour of America’s Harley Davidson motorcycle. In Varadero, the country’s “Harlistas” massed, showing off their old bikes. You can’t buy a new one in Cuba because of the economic blockade imposed in 1962, but you can show off the 1936 Flathead VLD 80 inherited from grandpa, albeit one bastardised by parts from Russia and the farm. One day the blockade will end. Castro will once more get to read John Updike’s new works and Cubans will learn that all the cool kids are riding Honda’s 100-mpg Symba and into green issues…


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Bikers participate in the competition to place a single straw into bottles that lined their path, in Cuba's first national gathering in honor of the Harley Davidson motorcycle in Varadero, Cuba, Saturday April 14, 2012. Cuba's "Harlistas" are just as passionate as their American counterparts, but like the owners of rumbling 1950s Detroit classic cars that still prowl the streets of Havana, vintage Harley fans have had to get creative to keep their bikes road-worthy. (AP Photo/Franklin Reyes)

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