Anorak News | Pistol Pippa Middleton continues her morphing into Prince Andrew (video)

Pistol Pippa Middleton continues her morphing into Prince Andrew (video)

by | 16th, April 2012

PIPPA Middelton may have to stop going commando after one of her party waved a pistol at photographers in Paris. In France to celebrate Viscount Arthur de Soultrait’s 29th birthday – a Louis XIV and Marie Antoinette themed do with dwarves, a randy Cardinal and canapes – Pippa was in the front of a convertible Audi when the driver waved a gun and pointed it towards a photographer. All the while Pippa grins. says anyone brandishing a gun, real or fake, faces imprisonment.

We can thus reveal that Pippa’s prison garb will be a) blue and b) floor-length and c) made of silk.

Pippa is turning and being turned into younger female version of the Duke of York, that buffoon Prince Andrew. He gets to play golf around the world; she gets to watch tennis. Both hang out with braying ninnies with an air of entitlement. He attends arms shows; she likes fashion shows. They crave celebrity. Meanwhile, The Queen trudges on, dutifully. We won’t just miss her when she’s gone. We’ll be hard pressed to find something in the papers or on the telly that doesn’t feature one of the Showbiz Windsors and their supporting cast larking about.

Perhaps interestingly, UCLAhas published a study stating that men with guns seem taller and more muscular than the unarmed. Think on, Pippa. That driver may be one of the dwarves.


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