Anorak News | Rich Government minister Caroline Spelman wants to keep a secret – sack her now

Rich Government minister Caroline Spelman wants to keep a secret – sack her now

by | 18th, April 2012

JONATHAN Spelman, 17, is the son of Meriden MP and Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman. The Rugby Football Union has banned Jonny Spelman from playing rugby until October 19 2013. You see, he took illegal drugs – anabolic steroids and a growth hormone.

He cheated. Spelman has played for England’s youth team at under 16 level. His story is in the public interest. But his wealthy mum – a government minister – didn’t want you know about it. The woman – part of a Government that thinks it’s fine for the police to read your emails without a warrant – wants her son’s misdeeds to remain secret.

Back in February, Caroline Spelman applied for a pricey High Court injunction (reports put the figure at £60,994). She said that her son’s cheating was a private matter. We had no right to know. She secured a privacy injunction banning publication of the story in a tabloid. The problem for Spelman was that the matter would not be anonymous. The Daily Star Sunday appealed and won. The story was published.

Spelman was exposed as just another rich and powerful person trying to prevent you from knowing the truth.

In a statement, the Cabinet minister and her husband say:

“Our son remains very sorry for his mistakes. Our prime concern now is to support Jonny with his studies and coping with the ban.”

They may also care to keep an eye on his health. Steroids can be harmful. Caroline Spelman may also care to remind her son that he is old enough to be asnwerable for his own actions.

Meanwhile, the Spelmans are teaching their son to accept his punishment by funding an appeal.


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