Anorak News | Simon Cowell: being not gay in the Elton John years – in a sense

Simon Cowell: being not gay in the Elton John years – in a sense

by | 19th, April 2012

SIMON Cowell loves the ladies. It’s day four of extracts from Sweet Revenge: The Intimate Life of Simon Cowell, Tom Bower’s “unauthorised” biography of the TV mogul.

Today Cowell is on the tabloids’ front pages:

The Sun (front page): “JESSIE GAY – SIMON GAY”

One recalls the words of Simon Cowell, the ladykiller: “In this business, if you were gay it wouldn’t be a problem, would it?”

The Sun’s Jen Blackburn writes:

The Voice judge, 24, was ordered to hide the truth from fans by claiming to be merely bisexual, the unauthorised biography says. But in another book, Simon Cowell insists he is NOT gay, despite rumours.

Tom Bower writes:

“The pertinent fact is that not a single man has offered any evidence of an advance by Cowell despite the promise of enormous financial reward.” By contrast, Bower documents the tycoon’s fascination for “trashy” women and lap dance clubs.

The Sun adds:

Cowell, 52, is aware the suspicions of homosexuality will not go away. But he is ready to put down anyone who challenges him face to face, as Elton John did in 2002.

That would be the Elton John who once engaged to Linda Woodrow, married Renate Blauel and only then announced that he was gay? Could the Sun not think of less homosexual example?

Louise Payne in photos – a Cowell ex

The Sun quotes Cowell:

“Music is gay-friendly business and if I were gay there would be no reason to hide it.”

On the facing page Blackburn cites a new book on Jessie J:

“Record bosses told Jessie J to cover up the fact that she was gay”

The Sun is playing games, brilliantly.

Cowell’s alleged lovers in photos

Daily Mirror (front page): “COWELL’S TORMENT”

Pals revealed the X Factor mogul has barely slept a wink all week and is struggling to come to terms with the fallout from the biography, which has caused a storm both here and in the States.

Pals? What pals. Why not name names?

In an interview last night, Cowell said: “It’s not my habit to kiss and tell. I’ve never done it. I’ve always tried to keep my private life private, and it so unfortunate.”

As Cowell tweeted a few days ago:

“This book is not written by me. It is unauthorised. The writer is Tom Bower”

Only the Sun makes it plain that Cowell granted generous access to Bower and sahred with him anecdotes of intimate mometns that could have come only from the TV star or one of his alleged conquests.

In an interview with the Camden New Journal of Jan 5, 2011, the reporter noted: “The biography, due out in May [2012], is the result of hundreds of hours of unprecedented access to Cowell, plus direct contributions from his many supporters and rivals.” (Spotter: Madame Arcati.)

The book thanks Simon Cowell for his cooperation. The book is unauthorised – it says so on the cover.

Bower told the CNJ:

“Cowell will not read the manuscript before publication – it is in that sense an unauthorised biog. He has no copy approval.”

It’s the unauthorised biography Cowell authorised access to? Well, in a sense…

Such are the facts.

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