Anorak News | Hunter Moore down – who now holds No 1 Internet Bully title?

Hunter Moore down – who now holds No 1 Internet Bully title?

by | 20th, April 2012

HUNTER Moore has relinquished control of his “revenge porn” website, which featured photos of naked ex-lovers, their real names and how to find them on social networks. Most posts are of women. The people posting them were looking for revenge and to cause hurt – the stuff was submitted by exes and embittered friends. Although some of the photos might have been hacked or self-published in a bid for web fame and twitter followers.

You want a leaked sex tape? You can’t handle a leaked sex tape.

So. What of Moore? His site enjoyed the tagline “Pure Evil”. He became a cover story in the Village Voice. He said:

“I’m scared I’m going to get fucking murdered in my sleep if someone finds out where I live.”

Adding of the victims:

“We’ve all masturbated to you or laughed at you, and it’s done. It can’t get any worse.”

Moore was unhappy with his own looks, so her got a nose job. He then creates a site that allows other to mock people’s looks. Analyse that.

Moore says closing the site is a “stand up for under-age bullying”. The site is owned now by anti-bullying group It’s founder, James McGibney, tells media:

“No doubt, [Moore] was the No.1 internet bully out there and we took him down… not a hostile takeover but in a politically correct way.”

Moore said of his business:

“People think I’m completely evil and what I’m doing is completely immoral.”
Well, not everyone. Not the people who send photos in. Not the site’s workers. Not the people who view the user-generated porn and get off on it.
It’s a kind of rape though, isn’t it? The porn business should be about free will. You want to be in it, then fine. Moore’s site exploits, leaching on lives. It’s more akin to human trafficking than a bona fide business.
Says Moore:

“We almost had to black out the UK from accessing the site at one point because we were getting so much under-age content”


“People obviously want it, and I’m going to give the people what they want. That could definitely affect someone’s livelihood. I didn’t use to post teachers, and then I realised that’s where all the traffic is. I have to pay my bills. I’m just a businessman. I just monetise people’s mistakes that they made and it’s kind of a shady business. But if it wasn’t me, somebody else was going to do it. All I did was really perfected the way to monetise people’s naked pictures.”

What he did was to turn people’s stupidity and spite – his own included – into money.

But if the world’s No.1 internet bully is no more, who now holds the title?

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