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Madeleine McCann at 8 – photos and Sunday Express experts

by | 22nd, April 2012

MADELEINE McCann: To those of you who want to know what the missing child looks like at age 8, the Sunday Express has front-page help. No, not the sensitive headline Our Maddie’s head – the bit about a “HOLIDAY BARGAIN BONANZA” (Portugal can be nice). The paper’s good news is that the innocent child who vanished in Portugal almost five years ago looks bright-eyed and very much alive. The headline says:


Mike Parker and Gerard Couzen tells readers:

This is an age-progression picture of Madeleine McCann as she would be now, aged eight.

Says who?

US experts, who work with police forces tracing missing people, created the image for the Sunday Express using FBI forensic computer techniques.

The Met Police are looking for Madeleine McCann. So too are the Portuguese police. What purpose of hiring American experts and those FBI techniques?

They believe Madeleine will now have more defined features with a longer nose, slightly thicker lips and her face would be more elongated as her facial bones continue to grow.

Believe? They believe that a child at eight has bigger features than child at 3 or 4? Well, they are the experts…

In the main image she appears to show a stronger resemblance to her mother Kate, with the “puppy fat” of her early years giving way to a more slender look.

Anyone out there recall Our Maddie being fat when she went missing?

Her wide eyes would also have narrowed a little and her hair darkened, say experts…

Back in January 2008, another expert told us:

Holidaymaker Andre van Wyk reports seeing a fair-skinned little blonde girl in the back of a horse-drawn gipsy cart three weeks earlier in Portimao. A woman in the cart quickly covered the sleeping youngster’s face with a shawl.

“It’s been playing on my mind ever since. The little girl looked so out of place,” he says. He is also suspicious about an encounter with a gipsy woman at Faro airport who told him no one would find blonde Madeleine because her hair had been dyed black and cut short.

In March 2010, the Mirror told us:

Investigators are hunting for a mystery girl in a black wig that a British holidaymaker said was “100% Madeleine McCann”.

The Daily Star yelled:


Those gypsy scum, eh. If the telly has taught us anything, they are all kidnappier, fatter, gypsier and thievier to a man and woman than other folk.

Back in today’s Express, then, for more insight:

One image-progression expert said: “Her eyebrows would be coming in more and would seem darker and fuller than they were. She would look more like the teenager she would soon become than the little girl who was so cruelly taken from her parents.”

Our nameless experts believe Our Maddie will become a teenager in five more years at 13. You read it here first.

The Star, the Express’s sister organ, also has news of the missing child. A reporters notes:

She looks like any other little girl coming up to her ninth birthday.

Cripes! You’re either going to see her everywhere or nowhere.

Madeleine McCann is missing – presumed kidnapped. There are no suspects.

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