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Sir Simon Cowell biography: How Rebekah Brooks fixed it for David Cameron

by | 22nd, April 2012

TOM Bower’s unauthorised biography of Simon Cowell makes it into the Sunday Times. The Sun deals with the Cowell sex and the Cowell arse – Cowell seems to view his arse as his bigeset enemy; Rupert Murdoch’s more up-market sister organ look at Cowell lifestyle and politics.

Key extracts from todays Cowell ‘n’ Tell are:

Cowell: “The best tomato sauce in the world on a pizza was Pizzaland’s in Windsor.”

Favourite meal: Cumberland sausages, mashed potatoes and Daddies sauce.

Cowell: “To me Botox is no more unusual than toothpaste…It simply works. You do it twice a year. Who cares? And it balances my smoking and drinking.”

Cowell: “I am definitely vain, but, to be honest with you, I can’t think of one person on TV who isn’t.”

Indeed. Just get a load of those MPs.

Cowell has never voted in an election – odd for a man who makes his fortune on people phone voting.

Sir Simon: Once, Rebekah Brooks asked Cowell to back the Tories in the Sun.

His commercial fate depended upon Murdoch — whose News Corporation owned Fox, which would be broadcasting The X Factor USA — and he was a natural Conservative, yet he had never openly declared his political allegiance… He was also introduced to Cameron by a member of the Murdoch family while they were dining at Cipriani in Mayfair.

The Mirror also wanted Cowell to back their man, Gordon Brown. Bower says a Brown aide told the Mirror that should Cowell back Brown a knighthood would be in the offing.

Cowell: “Sir Simon has a wonderful resonance.”

Hoping that Cowell could swing a few votes, Brooks asked that he give a few quotes to a Sun journalist in support of the Tories. Assuming his words would be part of a long piece inside the newspaper, Cowell said from Los Angeles: “I like Cameron. I trust him. He has substance and the stomach to navigate us through difficult times.”

A long piece… in the Sun?

On the eve of the election, he awoke to find The Sun’s front page covered by a long article, supposedly written by him, urging Sun readers to vote Tory. “Tomorrow’s election must change Britain,” he “wrote”.

Cowell: “That endorsement lost me the knighthood which Brown would have given to me. Sir Simon has a nice sound, although I would never use the title.”

Cowell on colonic (that arse again): “It’s so cleansing. And it makes my eyes shine brighter.”

Or smarting, as lesser mortals might term it.

Cowell: “Every girl wants to be No 1, and they’re very territorial. I like the fight because otherwise I’d have a dull group of girlfriends.”

He calls Simon Fuller’s staff – he owns the American Idol format – the “Moonies”.

Cowell: “All day, every day, they’d be watching me. Watching and watching. And then tapping and tapping, sending Moonie reports back to Fuller. It was disgusting.”

Cowell has enjoyed an “intimate embrace with Ana Paula Junqueira”.

Denise Beighton – “who witnessed much of Cowell’s sex life”: “He was terribly camp and there was no sexiness about him…He’s not gay. He sleeps with girls.”

Bower has a hit on his hands. He explains:

“I accepted his offer of co-operation, subject to the condition that I would publish both criticism and any evidence of wrongdoing. He accepted my stipulation that he had no copy approval and would not be able to read the book until publication… To his credit, when I did ask for a comment about any embarrassing information I had discovered, he answered my questions without any rancour… Many may suspect he is simply an outstanding manipulator…I don’t think he fits into any of those categories.”

So. As you were. Cowell is not the arch manipulator, controlling the media with his depilated tendrils. He’s just a randy goat with pots of cash who might just make you famous.


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